History of the Institute

Homoeopathic Research Institute is a non-political organization committed to the cause of Homoeopathy. Dr. Ajit Kulkarni founded this Institute during 1990 to cater to the needs of students, practitioners, academicians and research workers in the field of Homoeopathy.

The Director of this institute is Dr. Ajit Kulkarni, M.D.(Hom.).

Students from all over India and abroad join the institute for classical homoeopathic training.The training period ranges from a few days to few months or even years depending upon the requirements.

Classical training is imparted to the aspiring students who want to study homeopathy with devotion and sincerity. Initially a student actively participates in the process of case taking as an observer. As he familiarizes with the intricacies of case taking and masters the unique method of case taking evolved and developed by Dr. Ajit Kulkarni, he starts taking cases as a primary physician. The case that has been taken by the students is analyzed and studied by Dr. Ajit Kulkarni. This is then followed by a group discussion among all the students. This methodology gives a practical and clear understanding of cases to the students. This also serves as a live and vivid background for them to study the Materia Medica. The student learns differentiating the similimum from the group of drugs which is pivotal for the prescription. The whole understanding of the case also encompasses different avenues of psychology, psychiatry, pathology and other basic allied subjects. Complete and detailed study of a case in such a way serves as a perfect recipe for a knowledge starved student who has just entered into the vast horizon of Homoeopathy.

Activities at Institute

It is the matter of pride for Homoeopathic Research Institute for organizing several seminars and workshops in the recent years. The stream of knowledge and understanding which originated from this institute has attracted participants not only from the home land India but also from the countries like Israel, Russia, Bulgaria, Holland, England etc.

The core activities of the Homoeopathic Research Institute include

  • To teach undergraduate and postgraduate students through live cases, video cases, group discussions.
  • Organizing seminars and workshops.
  • Publishing literature of substantial value.
  • Performing various research activities – drug proving, clinical research, etc.
  • Philanthropic work for the poor and the disabled.
  • Cataloguing the huge collection of books possessed by the Institute.

Future plans of Institute

  • Marching ahead on the path of progress of Homoeopathy by organizing seminars, workshops and clinical training in countries like Russia, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Israel, Poland, U.S.A etc.
  • Enriching and refining our Materia Medica by publishing ‘A Select Homoeopathic Materia Medica’ – Part III and IV in the near future.
  • Conquering new heights by publishing books on Body Language, Group study of materia medica, Homoeopathic therapeutics etc.
  • Carving out an intensive work on repertory which will throw light over unexplored dimensions with addition of new rubrics and remedies.
  • To continue intensive training programs at Satara and Pune.